26th June 2003




Media graduate Nikki Jackson landed her dream job while backpacking around Australia… presenting a radio show on Bondi FM!


The 22-year-old studied Journalism and Media Production at the University of Lincoln and then decided to see the world before she settled down to a career.


But once in Sydney she introduced herself to the radio station serving the residents of the world’s most famous beach and now she presents a show aimed at the thousands of backpackers who flock to the city every year.


“I think I was quite lucky to get the job at Bondi FM,” says Nikki, who originally comes from Crewe in Cheshire.


“While I was at university I tried my best to gain experience in the media industry -  I worked for various local newspapers and I was a runner at Granada Television.


“When I arrived in Sydney I thought it wouldn’t harm to look through the yellow pages and get some more work experience on my CV. I’m quite a motivated and ambitious person and I didn’t want to lose track of my career goals.


“When I went to see the radio director I assumed I would just be making the odd cup of tea and doing a bit of running around, but we started discussing the idea of having a radio slot dedicated to backpackers and they were keen for me to present it!


“Two weeks later an English DJ called Tom and I launched our very own show called ‘Travel Bag’ which we present for two hours every Tuesday evening. We’re on our 16th show at the moment and things are going great.”


Nikki, who eventually plans to give up the show to continue her travels, says her degree helped her to get the job.


“I liked the mix of the two degrees as it allowed for a wider scope of knowledge in the media world, which ultimately I wanted to be part of,” she said.


“It did help me get the job at Bondi FM as they were very interested in what I had learnt on the course - it certainly helped me to get my foot in the door.”



For more information contact: Jez Ashberry, Press and Media Relations Manager

University of Lincoln (tel: 01522 886042)                 email: jashberry@lincoln.ac.uk