23rd June 2003




Primary school children found out how to get electricity from lemons and why tree trunks and antlers don’t break at a special science fair last week.


The pupils and their teachers attended the annual Technology Science Day at the Priory LSST on Cross o’Cliff Hill on Thursday, where scientists from the University of Lincoln, the University of Nottingham and Lincoln College staged displays and presentations.


The event introduced year 6 pupils who are preparing for entry into secondary school to a range of hands-on science demonstrations.


Dr Adrian Goodman of the University of Lincoln gave a demonstration on structural beams in biology entitled ‘Why Tree Trunks and Antlers Don’t Break’ and told the pupils about how some plant stems and the arms of starfish are designed to twist.


His colleague Amanda Mylette gave a soils science demonstration and Keith Butterfield, a lecturer in Forensic Science, presented an E-fit display. 


“This is a valuable opportunity to give a younger audience an insight into what science is all about and how exciting it can be,” commented Dr Goodman.


“It also allows the children’s parents to get an idea about what sort of things are going on at their local university.”


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