29th May 2003




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Savile Row is beckoning one talented University of Lincoln student who begins his apprenticeship in London next month.


Leon Powell (29) a BA (Hons) Fashion Studies student from Scunthorpe has just completed the final year of his programme and is exhibiting some of his work along with other students at the traditional end of year show.


“I’ve always had an interest in fashion, but started out in graphic design,” he says.


“At the end of my three years I know I’ve done the right thing.  I did a week’s work experience on Savile Row and now I’m going to be starting an apprenticeship there.”


This year’s event sees 30 students displaying a variety of their final semester work ranging from sportswear to knitted bikinis. 


“Fashion is outrageous by definition,” says Adrian Glover, senior lecturer in Fashion at the University of Lincoln.


“This year’s show is called ‘Uncut’; it’s not so much unisex clothing but A-sex clothing.  The clothes have to be transformed to be worn by both sexes.”


The theme of this year’s show is set by the students and incorporates “the blurring of lines between race and sexes.”


It works as a complete fashion show experience.


“The students are not only marked on the show, but also on how well it is put together and how they present themselves, if we see them milking the crowds then we will give better marks,” Adrian added.


“We see this event as one of the first stages of becoming a designer rather than the last stages of being a student.”


A special preview show took place last night at Thomas Parker House in Lincoln but the exhibition opened today at 10am and will continue until Thursday 5th June.


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