14th April 2003




Agriculture students at the Lincolnshire School of Agriculture are about to put theory into practice.


Students from the National Diploma in Agriculture at Riseholme Park campus, Lincoln have recently been learning about cultivation equipment, how to use it and which equipment is best in different situations.


Converting this farming theory into practice is the role Tony Wright, farm manager at the University of Lincoln. 


This year, to assess their ability and test the students’ knowledge, Mr Wright has set the students the task of recommending, for the university farm, which equipment will achieve optimum results in its crop establishment programme.


“There is a whole range of cultivation equipment available but it is about utilising what you have on the farm to match the conditions and the crop requirements,” said Mr Wright.


“There are so many variables to be considered, such as soil type, conditions, timeliness and what it is you are trying to achieve,” said Tony, “Getting out into the field is the best way to provide the students with the right experience.”


Once the students have selected the most appropriate equipment they must then carry out the work under the joint supervision of machinery tutor, Steve Watson and Tony Wright.


“Theory is fine but this is a working farm and any activity must fit into our overall management plan,” said Steve. “This provides an ideal opportunity for the students to take an active part in this decision making process.”


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