14th March 2003




Clapham Junction, Southall, Ladbroke Grove, Hatfield, Selby, Potters Bar… the roll call of railway accidents in the last 15 years seems to go on and on.


Learning from such disasters and making the UK’s railway network as safe as it can be is the subject of a guest lecture to be given at the University of Lincoln next week.


Professor Roderick Smith, Head of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, London, will speak on ‘The Quest for Safety: Learning From Railway Accidents’ at the Brayford Pool campus on Monday (17th March).


Professor Smith has worked at Cambridge University and Sheffield University and has had close connections with the Japanese railway industry for many years.


He held the visiting chair in Transport Systems Engineering at Tokyo University in 1998-99 and is now conducting research on many technical and organisational aspects of railway operations.


He was recently the chairman of Railtrack’s team investigating gauge-corner cracking of rails and was instrumental in acquiring a Series 0 Shinkansen ‘bullet’ as a donation from the JR West Railway Company to the National Railway Museum in York.


The talk will take place in the Co-op Lecture Theatre at the Brayford Pool campus at 7pm on Monday 17th March. All are welcome and admission is free.


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