25th March 2003





Working late at night in a university library can get a bit heavy… quite literally in the case of three University of Lincoln employees who are trying to lose weight for charity.


The trio – who weigh a combined total of 58 stones – aim to lose 12 stones between them and in the process raise around £500 for cancer research.


Tony Thurston (37), Ash Arnett (31) and Dave Masterson (33) are all technical services officers in Learning Resources based in the Hooper Building in Queens Gardens, Hull.


They began dieting on 7th March and aim to reach their target weights by 1st August.


“We were thinking of how we could improve our general health and we thought we’d try to find sponsors to help us raise money while losing weight,” said Ash.


‘The Hungry Hoopers’ have cut down on cakes, sandwiches, pizzas, fish and chips and alcohol and managed to lose 8lb in their first week.


“We’ve done pretty well so far, “ said Tony. “It’s a team effort and we’re all keeping each other going.


“We’re getting a lot of support from our colleagues. Our boss paid for a set of scales for the office so we can check on our progress, and every time there’s a birthday at work and they bring in low-fat cakes for the people who are on a diet!”


‘The Hungry Hoopers’ chose to raise money for research into complementary cancer therapies as two of them have friends or relatives who have been diagnosed with the disease.


Colleagues have told them that if their weight doesn’t come down they’ll have their lift keys confiscated and will have to walk up the stairs to their office on the fourth floor of the Hooper Building!


If you would like to sponsor ‘The Hungry Hoopers’ contact Tony on Hull (01482) 462393.


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Caption (left to right): Tony Thurston, Ash Arnett and Dave Masterson aim to lose 12 stones between now and August


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