11th February 2003






Two students from Malawi who haven’t seen each other since primary school have met up again 5,000 miles away from home.


Thirteen years after last meeting, Gwynyth Tansa Chisale (22) from Michiru, and Matamando Mkukupha (20) from Nancholi, bumped into each other when they arrived for their first class at the University of Lincoln.


“When I walked into the classroom I saw Mati but wasn’t sure if it was her at first,” said Gwynyth “and because the lecture had started we couldn’t speak.”


“I recognised Gwynyth straight away and sent her a note saying ‘What are you doing here?’” said Mati.  “It was really frustrating because we had to wait until the class finished. We just sent each other notes during the lesson!”


The girls last saw one another in the early 1990s when they spent two years attending the Dharap Primary School – now the Namiwawa Primary School – in Blantyre City.


Another coincidence is that Gwynyth and Mati have both chosen to train for careers in Public Relations.  They are both studying the same programme and have even been placed in the same seminar groups.


“I had already been in the UK for a year trying to decide which university to attend,” said Mati. “Eventually I chose Lincoln because it was the only university which offered the joint PR and Advertising programme.


“My father co-owns an advertising company so I am following in his footsteps.”


“I had been working as a tour consultant,” explained Gwynyth, “but I had always been inspired by my father to study management.


“I have a reputation for talking a lot so I wanted to study something which would make use of this ‘talent’.  A joint programme in PR and Management seemed the ideal choice.


“I selected the University of Lincoln because it offered the programme I wanted, the fees were good and the university’s International Office were really helpful.


“It is really good to be at the same university as Mati and even better to be able to study together.”



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Caption: Mati (left) and Gwynyth (right) with Lincoln Cathedral in the background.

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