16th January 2003




A food scientist at the University of Lincoln hopes his new book will become a standard text at UK and US universities.


‘Introduction to Food Process Engineering’ by Dr Peter Smith, a senior lecturer in the university’s Department of Biological Sciences, is a major new book on food process engineering.


“The book is the result of over 15 years’ experience of teaching food engineering to students on first degree and postgraduate courses at the University of Lincoln together with many years of research experience,” said Dr Smith.


“It is equally relevant to those in the food industry who desire a greater understanding of the principles of the processes with which they work, and I hope that it will be adopted as a standard text for courses in food science and technology in UK and US universities.”


Dr Smith is a graduate of University College London, has industrial experience with Unilever and is a chartered engineer and a member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.


His current research interests include membrane processing of foods, novel fermentation methods, heat and mass transfer in food systems and the application of fluidisation to food processing.


‘Introduction to Food Process Engineering’ is published by Kluwer Academic in New York

(ISBN 0-306-47397-6).


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