31st January 2003




An education expert from the University of Lincoln will be passing on her knowledge in Cyprus next month.


Professor Angela Thody of the International Institute for Education Leadership (IIEL) has been invited to teach as a Visiting Professor at Cyprus University.


She will be a guest speaker for the British Council and the Cyprus Educational Administration Society and will also be running classes for Masters degree students at the university.


While in Cyprus she will be joined by her own doctoral students from the IIEL who  will be seeking international educational experience.


“You may think that our own educational system is heavily controlled by the DfES but compared with schools in Cyprus schools we have a light touch central

government,” said Dr Thody.


“And there’s also the fascination of researching a system in which school principals are not appointed until in their late 50s!”


How these principals compare with the UK’s more youthful heads is to be researched by Carolle Kerry, a doctoral student at the IIEL.


While in Cyprus Professor Thody will also be meeting with her colleagues to discuss  a European schools research project.


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