17th January 2003




Ten Advanced Modern Apprentices from the Holbeach campus of the University of Lincoln visited Bourne Salads to improve their understanding of effective production management in the food industry.


The apprentices are all currently studying Production Planning and Costing on a block release basis as part of their BTEC National Certificate in Food Technology.


The university delivers the Advanced Modern Apprenticeship scheme in Food and Drink Manufacturing in partnership with Geest Foods.


The visit was hosted by Chris Smith, production manager at Bourne Salads, where leading edge technology has been used to automate many of the basic operations, facilitating electronic data capture and control as primary production management tools.


“Bourne Salads set the standard in salads production,” commented Bryn Cocker, lecturer in Food Production at the university’s Holbeach campus.


Caption: Advanced Modern Apprentices prepared to tour the low care facility at Bourne Salads. Production manager Chris Smith is shown at the extreme left side of the group next to lecturer Bryn Cocker. The Modern Apprentices are Michelle Painter, Richard Seaton, Oliver Terrington, Melissa Sparks, Caroline Lewis, Justin Noble, Gary Brompton, Nicola London, James Memory and Nolan Pretorius.


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