21st January 2003




A husband and wife from Colombia will celebrate the completion of five years of study tomorrow (Wednesday) when they each graduate with a PhD from the University of Lincoln.


Alvaro de la Torre Carrizosa and Maria Carolina Ortegon came to the University of Lincoln from Bogotá in 1997 to study for a Masters degree in Management.


Then they each won a scholarship to allow them to study for a doctorate in Management Systems. Alvaro was sponsored to carry out a research project at  Lincoln firm Alstom Power and Maria was given a scholarship to work as a graduate teaching assistant in the university’s Faculty of Business and Management.


Tomorrow they will receive their PhD at Lincoln Cathedral (11.30am) and celebrate with friends and family before returning to Bogotá next month.


“We’ve really enjoyed our five years in Lincoln,” said Alvaro. “One of the essential things about the experience has been the people – everyone has been so kind, friendly

and helpful.


“Lincoln is a beautiful city with the cathedral and all the other historic buildings, but most importantly it’s a very friendly place for overseas students.


“Coming to Lincoln to study was the best decision that we could have made – we studied with the best professors and we have enjoyed living and working with a very strong community of postgraduate students.


“Our PhD is what we’ve been working towards but more important than the qualification is the process that we have gone through to get to this point.”


Next month Alvaro and Maria will return to Bogotá, where they may work at the Universidad de Los Andes. “But there is also a possibility that I might work for Alstom, which has a branch in Bogotá,” said Alvaro.


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