5th December 2002




A new Graduate School has been set up at the University of Lincoln to increase levels of research activity and raise the institution’s postgraduate profile.


Professor John Lockwood, currently Dean of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at the university, will take up his new post of Dean of the Graduate School on 1st January 2003.


Professor Lockwood will work closely with deans of faculty at the university to:



“Both public and private sector employers increasingly demand staff who have skills at the highest level, and they expect this to be reflected in postgraduate qualifications,” commented Professor Lockwood.


“The university has been leading the field in a number of areas of postgraduate education and has decided to create a new Graduate School to reflect both its achievements and its ambitions.


“The Graduate School will take responsibility for growing the postgraduate services and culture of the university and for ensuring that the University of Lincoln becomes the number one destination for graduates and professionals seeking postgraduate qualifications across a range of subjects and specialisms.”


Professor Brian McGaw will work as Acting Dean of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences pending a permanent appointment.


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