3rd December 2002




Recreation staff from the University of Lincoln monitored employees from engineering firm Alstom as they shot the rapids and scaled mountains during a team-building exercise at the weekend.


Project engineers, sales managers, information technology personnel and quality inspectors were among eight senior managers who spent the weekend near Matlock in Derbyshire developing interpersonal, communications and planning skills.


The course commenced on Friday evening when the group was set a logistical exercise. The eight staff worked until the early hours of Saturday morning assembling their masterplan which would ultimately lead them to a strong box containing their reward.


The 48-hour session required a great deal of both physical and mental agility during which the group exercised their skills supervised by experienced outdoor recreation staff from the Recreation Management degree programme at the university’s Riseholme Park campus.


Logistical planning, problem-solving theories, strong communications skills and robust nerves were required during the quest as the group tackled white-water kayaking around fallen trees, rock climbing and abseiling from Black Rock, mountain biking for 22 miles and potholing at Jug Holes where they eventually recovered their treasure.


One team member stated: “It was an excellent experience and very worthwhile. It’s just a shame that we got to this point in our careers before we considered developing our team-building skills.  We should have done it much earlier.”


“The weekend went extremely well and the group was very committed,” said Robin Wright, programme leader for the Recreation Management degree. “Our task was made easier because the team was so enthusiastic - they had a passion for the task and really wanted to improve themselves.


“We acted as facilitators and didn’t interfere which meant they got more out of it because it was their plan, their effort and their success when they achieved their goal.”


This is the fifth year that the university has been running these programmes for Alstom which is keen to develop team-building and communications skills among all their staff.


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