24th December 2002




Children from a street in Hull are being invited to participate in the planning of their neighbourhood by taking part in a photography workshop this Saturday (28th December).


Kingston upon Hull City Council has been awarded a grant of  £450,000 from the Government for a new ‘Home Zone’ on Albany Street off Spring Bank, and all members of the community are being encouraged to participate in the physical planning and development of the area.


The children will be provided with disposable cameras with which they will have three hours to take photographs of areas of the street that they either like or dislike, keeping a note of each photograph taken and why they have chosen to take it.


The children who take part in the event will receive prizes and all the photographs will be displayed as part of a Home Zone exhibition taking place in Albany Street in February. 


Home Zones – first pioneered in the 1970s in the Netherlands – are an attempt to strike a balance between vehicular traffic and all the other users of the street, from cyclists and pedestrians to local businesses, residents and children.


The City Council is working in partnership with the University of Lincoln’s Hull School of Architecture to consult with all the residents in the area and develop a concept design of how the street might look.  The Home Zone will encourage motorists to drive with more care and at lower speeds by means of physical alterations to the street.  Other features could include the use of seating, planting, play areas, enhanced lighting and different surface treatments.


“The project is designed to encourage input from all members of the community including the children,” said Dr Carl O’Coill, project co-ordinator from the University of Lincoln.  “The children’s perspective is very important to us and providing them with a camera seemed a good way of getting their views.  The photography workshop is the first of many events, workshops and exhibitions planned to take place over the next year.”


Andy Mayo, Principal Engineer within the Council’s Traffic Section said, “Home Zones are an exiting new way of designing streets for the people who live there, rather than just for the motor car.  Because Home Zones involve such a fundamental change to the street, it is essential that the people who live there are actively involved in the design.  Asking children to record images in this way is a great technique to involve them in the design of their own Home Zone.”


For more information contact Dr Carl O’Coill, University of Lincoln, on 07957760453.

Andy Mayo, Kingston upon Hull City Council, on 01482 612096


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