18th November 2002




If you’ve ever wondered about life in the Royal Navy, what kind of people join up and what the future holds for the service, you can find out at a special presentation on Wednesday evening (20th November).


The Royal Navy presentation team will be staging an information event at 6.30pm on Wednesday at the University of Lincoln, where the audience will be treated to a fast-moving 30-minute presentation.


“The Royal Navy presentation team travels the length and breadth of the United Kingdom talking to a wide cross section of the community: business, industry, education, charities, local government, media and the church,” said Lieutenant Commander Sandy Gale.


“Our presentation describes the role of today’s modern navy, our people, our equipment and our plans for the future.


“As well as being informative, these occasions are entertaining and thought-provoking - we also encourage lively debate.”


Members of the audience will have an opportunity to socialise before and after the event, with wine and canapés provided at the university.


Hospitality will be available from 6.30pm until 7pm and the presentation and questions will last from 7pm until 8pm.


The event will take place in the Alstom Atrium and the Jackson Lecture Theatre in the main building on the Brayford Pool campus.


If you are interested in attending this event please email rnpt@gtnet.gov.uk or telephone the Royal Navy presentation team on 0208 839 9215.


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For more information contact: Jez Ashberry, Press and Media Relations Manager

University of Lincoln

Tel: 01522 886042

email: jashberry@lincoln.ac.uk


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