18th November 2002




A new web site to promote good behaviour on school buses has gone on-line today (Monday).


Max Respect is an initiative launched by Lincolnshire County Council in September which aims to increase safety on school buses and reduce bad behaviour and vandalism by working in partnership with schools, pupils, parents, bus drivers and bus companies.


Its new web site - www.maxrespect.org.uk - has been designed and hosted by the University of Lincoln which has also agreed to sponsor the site along with the Red Arrows.


As part of the initiative youngsters will be invited to enter an annual competition to design a Max Respect character and logo for their school. Other ideas include a poster competition, good idea awards for home to school travel, drama presentations about the school journey, poetry competitions, reward schemes and driver training and liaison initiatives.

“Lincolnshire County Council recognises that each school is unique and Max Respect aims to produce a toolbox of good ideas that will be tried and tested and ready to be called upon by all concerned to address different situation as they arise,” said a council spokesman.


“The intention is to praise and reward pupils for well behaved journeys and to share good practice and to recognise the value of the bus driver.”


Surveys conducted in Lincolnshire indicate that although there is a high level of satisfaction with the provision of school transport in general, the good conduct of pupils while travelling to school is a high priority for the majority of parents.


School staff, parents, pupils and bus operators are all encouraged to visit the new web site at www.maxrespect.org.uk and email MaxRespect@Lincolnshire.gov.uk with any ideas or comments.


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