4th November 2002




Four media students from the University of Lincoln are to see their work broadcast on national terrestrial television.


Darius Laws, Lucy Craymer, Rob Hennessy and Ruth Akins are counting down the days until Friday 15th November, when the BBC will show a 10-minute spoof film entitled ‘Exposed: Reach for the Stars’ which explores the rise and fall of a manufactured pop band.


The film will be broadcast on BBC2 at 3.30am on 15th November as part of the BBC Blast project - a BBC initiative to give  teenagers and young people working in creative arts a step up the ladder.


“This news is great motivation for my third-year film work,” said Lucy, who produced the film.


Fellow student Darius Laws, who wrote and directed the piece, added: “I didn’t ever imagine the film would attract such interest.”


For further information about the film please call Darius on 0778 6007560 or email:



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