17th October 2002




Nurses in Lincolnshire will be able to use their local university as a resource and study centre thanks to a new partnership.


The University of Lincoln and the Royal College of Nursing have teamed up to provide a dedicated resource centre on the Brayford Pool campus.


The centre is just one of the nationwide network being set up by the RCN to offer local access to information to its members, of whom there are almost 20,000 in the east midlands region.


The centre will be housed on the ground floor of the university’s Learning Resource Centre and will offer access to journals, study spaces, RCN and other nursing publications and videos.


Members of the RCN will also be able to sign up for free use of the university’s computing facilities, including access to the Internet and university software.


Pam Blackman, Director of Education Partnerships at the University of Lincoln, and Sandie Jones, Regional Director of the RCN in the east midlands, will be at the university at 4.30pm today (Thursday 17th October) to launch the resource centre.


Also present at the launch will be Don Blackburn of the university’s Hull School of Health and Social Care, Michelle Anderson of the university’s Learning Resources department and staff from the Lincolnshire Institute for Health, the university’s Education Partnerships directorate and the Royal College of Nursing.


“This is an excellent opportunity to create a partnership between the university and the Royal College of Nursing to provide a local facility for students, nurses and other professionals in the region,” said a university spokesman.


“It fits well with our mission to serve as a regional university and is another way in which we can actively support the health sector in the county.”


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