4th October 2002




A Hollywood actor, a hospital chaplain and the founder of Viz comic will all be giving students at the University of Lincoln an insight into the world of communications this semester.


The Rev Philip Carrington, hospital chaplain for the South Tees Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, will speak to Communications students on Monday (7th October).


His talk at 1pm in the Co-op Lecture Theatre at the Brayford Pool campus will focus on issues of censorship and blasphemy in the media.


On 14th October award-winning graphic narrative writer Bryan Talbot will talk about his work on ‘Judge Dredd’, ‘Batman’ and ‘Luther Arkwright’, while on 21st October Viz comic founder Simon Donald will return to the university to speak on what decisions have to be made during the production of the magazine.


Actor Shane Rimmer will visit the university on 11th November to discuss his work with director Stanley Kubrick and ‘Thunderbirds’ creator Gerry Anderson.


Rimmer, who has appeared in a number of James Bond films, ‘Dr Strangelove’, ‘Out of Africa’ and ‘Gandhi’ and was the voice of Scott Tracy in ‘Thunderbirds’, will speak about working in the film industry from an actor’s perspective.


On 18th November Richard Hand from the University of Glamorgan, who has recently published work on the Grand Guignol in Paris, will speak on postmodernism and horror.


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