22nd August 2002




As students scramble for places at university they’re bombarded with literature offering a bewildering array of courses, campuses and combinations.


But often parents, guardians and partners are left in the dark while their loved ones are busy packing their bags in readiness for the first day of term.


Now the University of Lincoln has stepped into the breach by publishing a free booklet giving advice and support to parents whose offspring are going to university for the first time.


The Parents’ Guide details all the services available to students on campus, from careers guidance and counselling to disability advice and finance.


There’s also a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section where parents, guardians and partners should find most of their concerns answered.


And there’s a handy list of important telephone numbers so that anyone with a problem to solve knows exactly where they should turn.


“The booklet is a response to the fact that parents are becoming much more closely involved when their children apply to university,” said Jacqueline Mayer, Education Liaison Manager at the University of Lincoln.


“Parents often have a financial stake in their child’s education and so they understandably want to know exactly what’s involved.


“More and more parents, guardians and carers visit our open days and we welcome that trend – in fact, we now arrange special talks aimed at parents to help them understand exactly what goes on at university.”


To order your free copy of the Parents’ Guide contact the university’s customer services department on 01522 886097.


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