12th August 2002




1                    Don’t panic! If you stay calm you’re more likely to take in all the information you need to succeed.


2                    If your grades fall short wait for that important acceptance/rejection letter before you put yourself into clearing. You never know – your first-choice university might still accept you.


3                    Don’t give up! You may well get a place on a similar course that’s just as good – but you’ll need to shop around.


4                    Don’t accept the first offer that comes your way without taking a look at all the options available to you. These days it’s not students competing for places – it’s universities competing for students.


5                    Make sure you send in your clearing entry form only when you’re convinced that the course is the right one for you.


6                    Be realistic. If you’ve seriously blown it then think hard about re-sits or an HND – you can always re-apply next time around.


7                    Be prepared to make lots of phone calls and to be persistent! Keep your nerve – you may need all your negotiating skills to persuade an academic that they should take you on.


8                    Enlist the support of friends and family – keep them informed, as they’ll be a great help to you when you have to make that difficult final decision.


9                    Be prepared to explain to universities why you didn’t do as well as you hoped in your exams – and be honest.


10                It’s not the end of the world – there are plenty of other opportunities to consider.


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