19th August 2002




The University of Lincoln is the second cheapest place to study in the UK, according to a new league table published by The Guardian.


A survey of living costs at universities across the country found that Lincoln was second only to the University of Bradford in terms of affordability.


Adding up the cost of tuition fees, rent, food, drink and two nights out per week the survey found that students at Lincoln are spending an average of £3,410 a year.


Students at table-topping Bradford spend £210 a year less than that, while those at the University of Brighton - which came bottom of the table – spend a whopping £6,050 a year.


The survey found that the national average based on the chosen criteria is £4,400.


“Students are customers more than ever before and they do have to take account of living expenses when they’re applying to university these days,” said Andrew Parkinson, President of the University of Lincoln Students’ Union Co-operative.


“In an age when student debt is increasing, this survey is great news for prospective Lincoln students.”


In addition to a maximum of £1,100 in tuition fees, Lincoln students pay an average of £1,110 in rent off campus (for 30 weeks) and spend a further £1,200 on food, drink and socialising.


Other universities which are easy on the pocket include are Keele, Staffordshire, Ulster and Teesside, while those where students rack up the largest debts include Thames Valley, London Guildhall, and Heriot-Watt in Edinburgh.


The figures were compiled by The Virgin 2003 Alternative Guide to British Universities.


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