23rd July 2002




A German student who chose the University of Lincoln over the University of Honolulu will graduate with first-class honours at Lincoln Cathedral this week.


Virginie Jost from Heidelberg studied the first two years of her degree in Tourism at the University of Karlsruhe and had a choice of university for her final year as an exchange student.


Despite the temptations of a year in the sun in Honolulu she chose to finish her degree at the University of Lincoln because of the quality and reputation of the course.


“I could have studied International Management with some tourism units at Honolulu but the course didn’t look as interesting as the course in Lincoln,” said Virginie (22), who has travelled from Germany to Lincoln to attend her ceremony on Thursday.


“Talking to people who work in tourism I got the impression that if you want to work in the industry you’d be taken more seriously with a British degree than with a degree from Hawaii.”


Virginie says she enjoyed the course at Lincoln but preferred the other international experience she had recently – working as an intern at the Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canaveral!


“The weather in Florida was certainly better than the weather in Lincoln!” she said.


Virginie will graduate in Tourism at Lincoln Cathedral on Thursday 25th July at 11.30am.


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