1st July 2002




Robin Heason’s A-level results were a big disappointment – but it wasn’t until he went to university that he discovered he was dyslexic.


The Nottingham school-leaver was given a second chance by the University of Lincoln even though he only managed two Es in his A-levels.


After four years studying International Relations at Lincoln he went on to complete a masters degree in Global Security at Keele University – and now he’s working for HM Customs and Excise.


“I had just got my results and my mother had picked me up from school,” says Robin (23), from Keyworth in Nottinghamshire.


“She turned on the car radio and caught the last ten seconds of an advert for what was then the University of Lincolnshire & Humberside. We drove straight up to the brand new Lincoln campus - which hadn’t even opened at that point – I had a ten-minute interview and a month later I was at university!”


Robin was excited about becoming one of the first cohort of students to enrol at the new Lincoln university campus in 1996.


“I absolutely loved it and wish I could do it all again,” says Robin, who set up three societies during his time at university. “I wanted to be a pioneer so Lincoln, with its brand new campus, was the place for me.”


At the end of his first year he was tested and diagnosed as dyslexic by the university’s Disability Access Resources and Technology department (DART). “The support from my lecturers was tremendous – absolutely brilliant,” he says. “I got a grant from my LEA for a computer and special software and I was given copies of lecture notes.”


Robin believes that difficult achievements are the most satisfying. “If it’s easy it’s not worth doing,” he says. “The harder you work the luckier you get, so even if you feel that you’re struggling with your A-levels, always remember that it can be done.


“Try hard and you can get there - I only managed three UCAS points and here I am now, with a masters degree, working for Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise. I even spent a year in the United States as part of my University of Lincoln career!”


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