30th July 2002





An innovative careers workshop from BSkyB is bringing 200 lucky Lincolnshire youngsters the chance to explore their talents and find out about opportunities in sport, entertainment and journalism.


"With increasing calls for more practical, skill-based qualifications to be included in today’s educational curriculum, this initiative offers a new alternative to the careers advice we are currently giving our youngsters", says Ben Stimson, Group Head of Corporate Affairs at BSkyB.


The 'most wanted’ professions for young people today are media, entertainment and sports, a desire reflected in last year’s increased applications for higher education courses in media studies (up 22%), music (up 15%) and sports science (up nearly 10%)*1.  Traditionally, careers advice has been geared towards more 'formal' disciplines such as medicine or the law and is therefore less appropriate.  The BSkyB workshops are specially designed to help local young people with the wide array of choices about their future with practical advice and inspiration.


Reach For The Sky Live is a two-day action-packed residential course for youngsters aged between 14 and 16 years old.  Held in association with Television and Young People (TVYP), the educational arm of The Guardian International Television Festival, Reach For The Sky Live provides expert careers advice from a mixture of industry insiders and celebrities through hands-on, interactive activities.


Held at The University of Lincoln on the 31st July and 1st August Reach For The Sky Live will explore all the options available, routes in and qualifications a youngster wanting to kick-start a career in journalism, sport or entertainment needs to know. The workshop is free to all participants and includes individually tailored sessions depending on the interests of the young person. It’s not all work, work, work however, the days are designed to be fun and the young people will enjoy a disco in the evening amongst other activities.


Ivan Lewis, Minister for Young People and Learning comments*1  “I hope that that by participating in Reach For The Sky young people are realising that there is no reason or obstacle to get in the way of their dreams. I hope they take the skills that they learn and use them in a positive way in the knowledge that those dreams are there for them if they are prepared to make the effort and make them come true.  If we don’t invest in our young people as a country, we haven’t got a future. Young people are the future – lets make their lives perhaps better than they have been in the past.” 


Ben Stimson, Group Head of Corporate Affairs at BSkyB, said of the initiative: “Reach For The Sky Live  might have a serious intent, but it is wrapped in a fun learning environment that uses our own resources as a media business. Reach For The Sky Live helps young people at a key point in their lives when they make decisions about what subjects to take at GCSE. We have a lot of motivated and talented young people in this country and it’s crucial for everyone’s future that we inspire our young generation to achieve all they are capable of.”




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