19th July 2002




Lincoln Journalism graduate Lia Hervey has landed a job as a trainee reporter with the Press Association.


The 22-year-old from York has studied for three years at the University of Lincoln and also worked shifts at the York Evening Press and the Lincolnshire Echo to broaden her experience.


Now she’s been accepted onto an accelerated traineeship at PA and has already started her training in Howden near Goole.


“Originally I wanted to be a barrister and applied for law courses at university,” she said. “But Lincoln was the first open day I came to and I absolutely loved the campus - it looked so pretty with all the swans on the Brayford so I decided there and then to come here and do Journalism instead.


“Once I’d seen Lincoln I knew I didn’t want to study anywhere else – it’s a nice place to live and a perfect environment for learning.”


Having a local newspaper on her doorstep was an added bonus for Lia, who has been working as a part-time reporter at the Lincolnshire Echo for the past 18 months.


“I don’t think I would have done so well if I hadn’t come to Lincoln because I’ve been able to work at the Echo and finance my degree at the same time,” she said.


“Doing work experience has been even more important to me than doing my degree – it’s such a bonus to be studying Journalism with a local newspaper 100 yards down the road – it’s a really good start.”


Lia will graduate with her fellow Journalism students at Lincoln Cathedral at 11.30am on Friday 26th July 2002.


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