5th July 2002




Shoppers taking a break in the restaurant at Debenhams will be familiar with the works of art that have earned four Lincoln students their Fine Art degrees.


Debenhams restaurant has been the venue for a display of artwork - including drawings, paintings and a chair made from marshmallows - by four students who will graduate next week from the Lincoln School of Art & Design.


Mischa Bennet, Melissa McFarlane, Charlotte Moulis and Ann Stoker study Fine Art at what is now the University of Lincoln and will graduate at Lincoln Cathedral on Tuesday (9th July).


Three of the students specialise in lens, sculpture and installation while the fourth, Ann Stoker, is a painter.


“This is the second year that we’ve run the Art and Eat project in our restaurant,” said Sam Spencer, Food Services Sales Manager at Debenhams in Lincoln.


“Some art students approached us with the idea last year and it was so successful that we decided to do the same thing this year.


“People enjoy having something to look at while they’re eating and it’s been incredibly popular with our customers.


“Most people don’t go to art galleries but they do enjoy looking at works of art, so this is one way of bringing art to a wider public. We get endless comments about whether people like the pieces or not, but the important thing is that our customers are always talking about the displays.”


The exhibition will remain in the restaurant until Sunday (7th July). The four students involved will graduate at Lincoln Cathedral at 11.30am on Tuesday 9th July 2002.


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