11th June 2002




A nine-year-old Fillingham schoolboy hopes to drum his way into the record books on Thursday by drumming more beats in a minute than anyone else in history.


Oliver Butterworth, a percussionist with the Saxilby Youth Band, aims to break the current record of 1,050 beats in the recording studio at the University of Lincoln at 10am on Thursday.


Oliver, who attends St Mary’s Preparatory School, started drum lessons at the age of six and has reached grade 4 in his Guildhall examinations.


So when he and his family were on holiday in Florida earlier this year he was keen to try his hand at beating the drumming record at the Guinness World Record Experience.


“Oliver can’t resist a drum kit, and one of the records on display was a small electronic drum which counted the beats for one minute,” explained Oliver’s mother Georgia Butterworth.


“The record was 1,050 beats, held by a man from Florida. There were a lot of people trying to beat this and most were achieving 300 or 400 – but Oliver’s first attempt was over 900 and after resting for a short while he tried again and managed 1,100!


“The management of the venue asked us to contact Guinness World Records in London, who have told us how to record and verify Oliver’s attempt.”


Staff at the university’s Media Production Centre plan to record Oliver on video and audio and then slow the video down in order to count the drum beats.


“We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Oliver and we’re confident that he’s got what it takes to be a record-breaker,” said university spokesman Jez Ashberry.


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