28th June 2002




Four years after going through the clearing process Lincoln student Gurpreet Jalfe is working on a Home Office research project on black and Asian offenders in the UK.


Gurpreet (22) went to school in Derby and applied to study psychology at a number of universities in the midlands.


But before she took her A-levels she changed her mind about what degree she wanted to study - and when her results came through they were disappointing.


She was accepted onto the Social Policy and Criminology course at the University of Lincoln – and now she works for the university as a research assistant in the Criminology Department.


“When I got my results I was in a panic because I was nowhere near getting the grades I needed – I got two Cs, a D and an E,” said Gurpreet.


“Social policy and criminology was the course I was interested in. Not many universities offered criminology at the time so I rang Lincoln first and they accepted me on the course.


“I was delighted and relieved, but I didn’t ever imagine that I’d end up working here at the university on a Home Office research contract!”


After her final year Gurpreet heard that the university had won a research contract and applied for the job from an Internet café while on holiday in Ibiza.


She secured the 18-month research assistant contract and is currently working with academics to interview 500 black and Asian male offenders on probation.


Gurpreet reckons students shouldn’t let a change of heart or disappointing A-level results stand in their way.


“The main thing is not to lose hope when you don’t get the grades you want,” she advised. “And it’s not the end of the world if you change your mind -  it’s worse to be doing something at university that you don’t really want to be doing.”


Gurpreet is keeping her options open for the future but hopes to complete an MPhil in criminology before she leaves the University of Lincoln.


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