10th June 2002





Students at the University of Lincoln now have two further creepy crawlies to add to the ever-growing small animal unit at the Caythorpe campus.


A Chilean rose tarantula and a Royal Python have joined giant snails, bearded dragons, corn snakes and many other creatures in the vivarium at the Lincolnshire School of Agriculture.


The one-year-old South American tarantula is fairly small, approximately 7cm in diameter.  However, kept in a warm and humid environment and fed four to six crickets a week, she will grow to around 13cm across during her life of over five years.


A beautifully marked Royal Python is the other addition to the collection.  She too is only young and small - around 50cm in length - but with her regular weekly diet of two dead mice she will grow to over two metres with a diameter of some 7cm.


“It is important for us to make the students aware of the many animals which are currently in the market place, particularly those kept as pets,” said Colin Riches, animal unit manager. 


“The students are trained in all aspects of animal care, including handling, feeding, husbandry, legal aspects and how to keep the animals in the correct environment.


The python and tarantula do not have names at present so suggestions from the public would be most welcome.


If you would like further information on the animal care courses please contact the Lincolnshire School of Agriculture on 01522 522252.



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