13th May 2002





A Criminology student from the University of Lincoln has battled against amazing circumstances to complete her degree.


When Audrey Dinnall started her degree she was a single mother with a 12-year-old son.   However, midway through her studies Audrey was confronted with an unplanned pregnancy.


“I tried to continue with the course but my morning sickness was so bad I was hospitalised,” said Audrey.  “I had to take a break of eight months.


“Once my little girl was born I was able to continue but I had to put her into a nursery near the campus, it was quite difficult for me but it has been worthwhile.”


Audrey (32) of Nottingham, began working as a volunteer for the probation service.   After progressing to become a relief residential social worker and qualified counsellor she decided a career change was in order.


“I had been working as a volunteer at the Nottingham Rape Crisis Centre where I gained my diploma in counselling.


“Combining my experiences by taking Criminology seemed the logical step to take.”


Audrey visited a number of universities but decided to enrol at Lincoln because of the beautiful location despite having to commute from Nottingham every day.


“The staff at the university have been very supportive and although it has taken an extra year I have finally completed it. ”


Although she does not graduate until July, Audrey has already landed a position as drugs worker at Ashwell Prison near Oakham which she starts in June.


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