31st May 2002



Applications to study at the University of Lincoln have risen for the fourth successive year.

While nationally the growth in applications is levelling off, Lincoln is reaping the benefits of a new campus and a new name to attract 4.3% more applications than at the same stage last year.

Significantly, Lincoln is one of only eight ‘new’ universities (post 1992) to have seen an increase in applications this year.


The abolition of the government’s cap on recruitment means that older established universities are attracting more students this year while many of the former polytechnics are struggling to keep up.


This year’s total number of applications to degree and HND courses at Lincoln was 4.3% up on last year – up from 11,044 for 2001/2 to 11,516 in 2002/3.


Only eight ‘new’ universities reported increased applications for next year: Lincoln, Bournemouth, West of England, Napier, Paisley, Portsmouth, Abertay and Derby.


“Many ‘new’ universities are struggling to attract students, but we have no such problems at Lincoln,”  commented university spokesman Jez Ashberry.


“Nationally the increase in applications is slowing down, but we’re bucking that trend too – the UK increase this year was only 2%.”


Note: UCAS is the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service.


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