19th April 2002




A University of Lincoln sabbatical officer has been elected Vice President of Welfare at the NUS annual conference in Blackpool.


The elections, which took place at the conference this week, have given the university its first Student Union representative at national level.


Verity Coyle, who is spending her second term as President of the university’s Student Union Co-operative, won through against four other candidates before 1,100 nominated delegates from affiliated colleges throughout the UK.


“I am delighted with the result,” said Verity, “but it would not have been possible without the great support of the students.” 


The National Union of Students represents around 3.5 million students nationwide providing support and advice on issues such as housing, student welfare and health. 


“I feel passionately about student welfare and I like to think that we are in touch with the students’ feelings, wants and needs,” said Verity. “My intention is to attract greater financial support from both universities and external bodies to help fight campaigns on various issues affecting students such as sexual health and meningitis.”


As SU President, Verity played a key role in the development of the UK’s first Student Union Co-operative which was launched in Lincoln last year.


Verity will assume her post on 1st July 2002.


If you would like more information about the university’s Student Union Co-operative please contact their office on 01522 886142.