11th March 2002




A University of Lincoln academic has been chosen to evaluate a new web site for a virtual university project in Finland.


Dr Terrance Karran, the university’s Head of Teaching and Learning Research, was invited by the Finnish Ministry of Education to fly to Finland this week and oversee the project.


Dr Karran has been a Visiting Professor in Educational Technology at the University of Oulu in Finland and is an authority on the subject of distance learning via the Internet.


“Given that Finland has the highest usage of mobile phones and home computers (per 1,000 of population) in Europe, and that this national project was the first of its kind in the world, this visit will enable me to see what progress researchers working at the cutting edge of

e-learning have achieved,” commented Dr Karran.


Dr Karran is spending his time in Finland undertaking an evaluation of the English language version of the Finnish National Virtual University website on behalf on the project team and the Finnish Ministry of Education.


He is to spend three days at the University of Oulu with Professor Pekka Kess, a member of the project team for the Finnish National Virtual University, and a further two days at the project’s offices at Helsinki University of Technology.


He flew out to Finland on Friday and is expected back in the UK this Wednesday (13th March).


The University of Lincoln’s Virtual Campus was a pioneering learning tool when it was introduced on-campus as the Learning System in 1996. Students use computers to access a range of information and learning materials, including lecture notes, noticeboards, discussion groups, an electronic diary and IT skills materials.


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