26th March 2002




Students in Hull who aim to become professional social workers will no longer have to wait a year to start their studies as they do at present.


A new ruling by the General Social Care Council ends the stipulation that social workers must be 22 or older before they can be awarded a Diploma in Social Work.


The rule, which is to be relaxed from 1st September 2002, meant that Social Work students at the University of Lincoln had to be 19 before they began their course.


This was because the Diploma in Social Work forms part of each of the three Social Work qualifications offered by the university at its Cottingham Road campus – BA (Hons) Social Work, the Diploma in Social Work (DipSW) and the Flexible Diploma in Social Work (Flexi-DipSW).


As a result students had to wait a year after completing A-levels or other qualifications before they were able to enrol on Social Work courses at the University of Lincoln.


Now they will be able to enrol aged 18 and still qualify for the diploma when they complete the course aged 21.


“There is a high demand for social workers across the UK and this new ruling will give a welcome boost to the recruitment of students to our Social Work courses,” commented a university spokesman.


“All our students are in work within six months of completing the course, and over 95% of them are in social work or social care settings.


“The new ruling also sits well with our mission to widen participation to higher education.”


Social Work courses are taught at Cottingham Road at present but by 2003 will have moved to the new Hull School of Health and Social Care in George Street.


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