11th March 2002




The University of Lincoln is to join forces with the Lincolnshire Health Authority to help promote this year’s National No Smoking Day.


An all-day non-smoking event is being organised by the Healthy Communities team with the help of students and staff from the university’s Student Union Co-operative.


“We are hoping to make it a day to remember,” said Smoking Cessation Co-ordinator Carol Skye.  “We aim to fight smoking by making the event fun and by using positive messages showing people the great advantages of giving up.”


Plans for the event, which will be held on Wednesday 13th March in the university’s Alstom Atrium, include university cheerleaders with lucky dips – cost per go being one cigarette!  Students and helpers in fancy dress and towers of cigarette packets will display how much time and money people would save if they gave up smoking.


On a more serious note flip charts will display hard-hitting facts about the dangers of smoking and visitors will be able to make a direct referral with the smoking cessation team and gain immediate support.


The team hopes the day will inspire people not only to give up smoking but also to take up new hobbies or studies.  “People will be able to see that by giving up smoking and saving money they could achieve something positive,” said Carol. 


First year Media Production student Sam Matthews is providing support at the university.  “This is my first important event as part-time education and welfare officer with the Students’ Union,” said Sam.  “A lot of organisation is going into the day to make it entertaining but effective, and we’re hoping for a good attendance from both students and the general public.”


To make a self-referral to the smoking cessation team call NHS Direct on 08 45 46 47.


For more information on this event contact: Carol Skye on 07771 912851


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