11th March 2002




A graduate from the Hull School of Art and Design is proud to be back working in the city – not as a student but as a member of the exhibition design team working on The Deep.


Jason Hender (30) who is originally from Merseyside, graduated in Museum and Exhibition Design from what is now the University of Lincoln in 1997 and is currently working for John Csaky Design Associates in London.


“I was pleased to be working back in Hull and The Deep project has been immensely enjoyable,” commented Jason.  “I am very proud of the work we have done at the exhibition especially as it is in Hull where I studied.”


The exhibition design team have worked with John Csakys and the main exhibition contractors Scenic Route in York to develop The Deep exhibition which unravels the secrets of the ocean.


The team have created cinematic and interactive displays, a timeline, an illuminating fossil wall and further attractions which come together in an exciting and educational Deep exhibition.


“While working at The Deep I contacted my former Museum and Exhibition Design lecturers and they were the first people I invited to see the exhibition,” said Jason. “They arrived with current students and I was very pleased to get a positive response to the exhibition from them all.


“My degree at the Hull School of Art and Design has definitely helped me with the work I did at The Deep,” added Jason.  “I only developed an interest in exhibition design in my second year so it was definitely the course which inspired my interest in this area.”


The Deep is due to open to the public on Saturday 23rd March.




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