7th March 2002




University academics from the Policy Studies Research Centre (PSRC) of the Department of Policy Studies have been awarded £37,878 from the Economic and Social Research Council to conduct research into the help-seeking behaviours of Chinese people in Britain.


Research Fellow Dr Chak Kwan Chan, Professor Peter Somerville (Policy Head of the PSRC), and senior lecturer Bankole Cole are responsible for the research programme, which will focus on Chinese people who face difficult situations such as finance, family relationships and racial harassment in the UK.


“We know little about the helping-seeking behaviours of Chinese people in the UK so findings from the study will not only be crucial to need assessment and interventions by helping professionals, but will also inform local authorities and Chinese associations of the needs of Chinese households,” said Chak Kwan.


“Disadvantaged Chinese have never been researched on a national basis,” said Prof Somerville. “Being unprecedented research, it requires a great deal of planning to make sure it is comprehensive in its coverage of different sections of the Chinese community in the UK.”


“We plan to research in a number of areas of Chinese settlement, including London, Manchester, Lincoln and Bradford, and we are seeking help from existing Chinese voluntary and community organisations to develop a strong and varied sample of interviewees.


“We intend that our research will improve the academic information held on the needs of Chinese people,” Prof Somerville added. “We also hope that the findings will be used for the benefit of the Chinese community in the UK.”


Dr Bankole Cole added: “I am particularly interested in the racial harassment issues, which in relation to the Asian community in the UK have been focused mainly on South East Asians,” said Bankole.