20th February 2002




A graduate of the Hull School of Architecture is about to see his design dream for a revolutionary insulation system turn into a reality.


Stephen Dench, who now works at Visionary Architects in London, was granted a patent for his energy-saving vacuum panel system in December 2000.


Now he is working with manufacturers to develop a prototype of his revolutionary insulation system, based on the thermos flask, which can be used in fridges and new buildings and for cladding new tower blocks.


The prototype is being tested at the National Physics Laboratory to verify its thermal values, which are the design’s main attribute.


“The thermal values of the insulating panel mean transference of both hot and cold air can be prevented,” says Stephen.  “This attribute means the panel has worldwide possibilities: it can be used to keep a building cooler in hot climates or warmer in cold climates.


“I am very pleased to have got the design patented.  It is all now progressing and the pieces of the jigsaw are fitting together.” 


University of Lincoln architectural design tutor Gary Hornsby commented, “We’re not surprised that Stephen’s become an inventor as he never accepted the norm and was always ready to innovate.”


Stephen started off student life as an HND building student but transferred to architecture and soon realised his potential as an architect gaining a first class honours degree.  “The Hull School of Architecture was excellent,” says Stephen.  “It was an expert course which I enjoyed and from which I gained a lot.”


Stephen is now hoping that the tests on his prototype are successful and that his insulating panel will be adopted and used by manufacturers worldwide.



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