11th February 2002




A special photographic exhibition showcasing an environmental expedition in the wilderness of Malawi will be on display in the EICH Gallery this month.


‘The Torched Plateau’ is the work of Nikki Vohra-Beulens, photography learning adviser at the University of Lincoln, who last summer accompanied a group of scientists and students on an expedition into the remote Nyika region of Malawi.


The purpose of the expedition was to document the unexplored flora and fauna of the Nyika National Park, to aid the 70 game scouts to patrol the vast area and to collect scientific data.  The scientific findings of the expedition will be published in a report in March 2002.


“The expedition was full of challenges,” said Nikki.  “We had to trek over hills and valleys in high altitudes, food was sparse and the terrain could be treacherous. 


“Despite that I came through the trip relatively unscathed and was so inspired by the beautiful landscape of Nyika I decided to initiate the Torched Plateau project.”


The Malawian parks department has a policy of controlled burning of grassland areas to prevent poachers from setting fire to pockets of land and trapping the animals.  The fires also act as a deterrent to natural forest fires and as a result the landscape is a mixture of lush green grass and scorched earth. 


“The land would change from day to day,” said Nikki.  “The Torched Plateau is an exhibition of images showing the effects of fire on the landscape of Nyika and a documentation of the people who live there and protect it.”


The beauty of Malawi and the dedication of the game scouts are vividly depicted in the exhibition.  “I hope the images are an honest representation of the respect I hold for both,” says Nikki.


The 40 black and white images and explanatory slide show will be on display from Wednesday 20th February to Friday 15th March.  The private view is on Friday 22nd February between 6 and 8pm.


The EICH (European Illustration Collection Hull) Gallery will be open from Monday to Saturday from 10am until 4pm for the duration of the free exhibition.


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For more information contact: Anna Godley, Press Assistant

University of Lincoln.  Tel: 01522 886042  Email: agodley@lincoln.ac.uk