31st January 2002




Whisby Natural World near Lincoln is looking to tap into expertise at the University of Lincoln.


Last year International Tourism student Juliette Evans took up a work placement to undertake visitor surveys at Whisby.


Now Juliette has emigrated to Australia to study for her Masters, and the manager of Whisby Natural World is looking for another student to take her place.


“We’re very interested in placements involving students from the university and we’re keen to have another student here this spring and summer,” said manager Sara Metcalf.


“Juliette carried out three visitors surveys questioning visitors to our nature park, exhibition centre and café on various aspects of the service that we provide here.


“We found the results very useful and were able to act upon them. If people were critical of certain things we were able to pinpoint the problem and change things. Similarly, if people were happy with the service we use the information in our best value procedures.


“She was a valuable asset to our team and the best student I’ve ever had working for me.”


Now Sara Metcalf is hoping to take on another student from the university on work placement this year.


Any Tourism students interested in the opportunity should contact Whisby Natural World on 01522 688868.


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