7th January 2002




Identical twins Mark and Christopher Fearon will be at Hull City Hall later this month to receive identical awards from the University of Lincoln.


The pair, aged 31, have both successfully completed an MBA (Master of Business Administration) in General Management at Hull Business School on Cottingham Road.


And even though their careers have taken different paths they will come together on Friday 25th January to receive their award certificates at the university’s postgraduate awards ceremony.


“We tend not to do things together, but it was my idea to start the course,” said Christopher, who is training at the University of Hull to be a primary school teacher.


“When I enrolled on the MBA course I was a reprographics manager with a firm in Hull, but then I realised there’s more to life than industry and I decided to train to be a teacher instead.


“The MBA will come in handy when I get my first teaching job as management is becoming increasingly important in schools,” said Christopher, who lives in Dunswell, near Hull.


Brother Mark Fearon lives in Messingham, near Scunthorpe, and works as a purchasing manager for railway construction firm GrantRail.


Guest of honour at the university’s postgraduate awards ceremony, which begins at 2.30pm at Hull City Hall, will be the businesswoman Adele Biss.


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