16th January 2002




Media students in Hull are to make life easier for shoppers in Princes Quay when they launch their 3D virtual shopping guide in May.


The shopping guide is the brainchild of University of Lincoln Media Technology students James Hodgson (23) from Sheffield, Scott Chilton (20) from Ilkeston, Simone Williams (20) from Caistor and Matt Pledger (20) from Wolverhampton.


The guide will be in the form of a terminal within Princes Quay and is based on a search engine which allows the customer to type in what they’re looking for and find the exact location of the item


“This will simplify the customer’s shopping experience and save them time,” commented Scott Chilton. “It also ties in with Princes Quay’s Shopmobility scheme as it makes life easier for people with mobility problems.”


The terminal is now in the design stages but the students will be launching it in Princes Quay in May to get feedback from customers.


“It’s been great dealing with Mike Killoran at Princes Quay. He seemed really keen on the idea and has given us lots of support. There may even be the possibility of getting a patent for the design,” added Scott.


“We’re delighted to be associated with this initiative,” added Mike Killoran, Princes Quay Manager. “It’s good for us and it’s good for the students.”


“I imagine it will create a great deal of interest in May when it’s launched. Anything that makes things easier for the shopper is good for Princes Quay.”


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