21st January 2002




‘Faith schools’ are producing the most successful students and are topping the league tables. 


And those same tables show that Lincolnshire’s top comprehensive school is a ‘faith school’ – William Farr C of E in Welton.


New analysis carried out by Eric Tope, a postgraduate educational leadership student at the University of Lincoln, has shown that there is a strong link between spirituality and educational success. 


“There’s no denying that we need more faith in schools,” said Mr Tope, the headmaster at St Thomas Apostle College in Peckham who has completed a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership at the university.


“Faith pulls ethnic races together and helps them to feel comfortable and able to succeed.


“The government has expressed an interest in expanding the number of ‘faith schools’ and I’m all for it,” Mr Tope added. “There is a unity in these schools that is necessary, especially in the inner cities,” he said.


Mr Tope (57) will receive his doctorate at a postgraduate awards ceremony at Lincoln Cathedral at 2.30pm on Wednesday 23rd January.


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