31st January 2002




An expert in American government has arrived in the city this week to teach the University of Lincoln’s International Relations students.


Charles Greenwalt, Professor of Government and Political Affairs at Millersville University, Pennsylvania, is taking part in an exchange programme organised by the Department of Politics and International Relations.


He is taking part in the programme with Dr Youcef Bouandel, International Relations lecturer, who is due to head off to Pennsylvania in the next week to teach American students about human rights and Middle Eastern politics.


“We’re delighted to have established this partnership with the University of Lincoln,” commented Prof Greenwalt, who is also Deputy Director for Millersville University’s Centre for Politics and Public Affairs.


Dr Bouandel added: “It’s good for the students to be taught by an expert who has had first-hand experience of American government.”


For seven years Prof Greenwalt was involved at the highest level of Pennsylvanian state government before deciding to go into teaching.


“I will be talking to students about the comparison between Canadian, British and US government politics and will also contribute to the university Masters programme,” commented Prof Greenwalt.


“I am very impressed with Lincoln. It’s a beautiful city and you can really feel the history. The people are extremely accommodating.”


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