21st December 2001




A ground-breaking new book edited by a Lincoln academic takes case studies from across Europe to examine the latest trends in the tourism industry.


‘Tourism in Western Europe’ (CABI Publishing) is a rarity, according to its editor, University of Lincoln Tourism lecturer Richard Voase.


“It’s an ambitious collection which brings together case histories from across Europe and weaves them together to examine how the tastes of tourists are changing in the 21st century,” said Mr Voase.


“We are now seeing a fundamental change from the old tourism to the new tourism. Seaside resorts across Europe are having problems while at the same time there are all sorts of more unusual places which we now accept as tourist destinations.”


The book brings together case studies from the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Finland and Spain and shows how the tourism industry is having to adapt to new demands.


“What we’re seeing is the rejection of the commercialised and the desire to rediscover the pre-modern and the undeveloped,” said Mr Voase.


“For example, the tastes of visitors to Mallorca are changing – now tourists want resorts to be less developed.


“And La Pointe du Raz in Brittany, which has been a tourist destination for 200 years, is now being decommercialised in an attempt to return it to the kind of pre-modern natural environment that the new tourist wants to visit.”


‘Tourism in Western Europe’ is unusual in that many of its contributors are based at the university’s partner institutions in Europe. “It’s an authentic cross-European compilation and it’s ground-breaking because of the connections it makes within a very varied range of case histories,” said Mr Voase.


University lecturer Alison Lewis, who contributed a case history to the compilation, has been contracted by Routledge to co-write a book with colleague Martin Elliott-Wite on tourism and the developing world.


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