6th December 2001




Four students from the University of Lincoln have teamed up with ‘Star for a Night’ finalists Nex-us to film a short video documentary.


The second-year Media Production students spent three days with the up-and-coming girl pop band to film the fly-on-the-wall montage titled ‘Day in the life of Nex-us’.


 “The girls were tremendous fun, bubbly and vivacious and fantastic to work with.  We hope to work with them again some time.” Said Ed Crowley (19), producer and director of the film.


The students met the girls and their manager after their performance on BBC1’s, ‘Star for a Night,’ in which the girls polled a creditable 40,000 votes to finish second in the November finale. 


Nex-us manager Jackie Rom was happy with the rapport between the students and the north London girls, “Everyone worked really well.  They all bonded really quickly.” She said.


“We’re also hoping to sign a new contract and hopefully move on to another level. The fans are very important to the group and we need more people to join up to the fan site,” says Mrs Rom.


For more information visit the website www.nex-us.tv

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