14th November 2001




A visit by a Yorkshire MEP will give students in Hull an insight into the proposed enlargement of the European Union.


Richard Corbett MEP will talk to business students at the University of Lincoln on Cottingham Road this Friday (16th November) about how eastward enlargement of the union will affect businesses in the EU.


Im delighted to be able to address this issue during my visit to the University of Lincoln, commented Mr Corbett, who is a Labour MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber.


The extension of the European Union eastwards offers huge advantages to the Humberside area because the Humber estuary is a major trade link with continental Europe.


Mr Corbett will speak to second-and third year students taking degrees in Business, European Studies and European Business Studies at the Cottingham Road campus.


His talk will begin at 2.30pm in the Newington Lecture Theatre on Cottingham Road.


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