2nd November 2001






Hull school children will get the chance to be grown up students when the Children’s University pays a visit to Cottingham Road on Monday (5th November).


Around 15 to 20 pupils, aged 10 and 11, from Cleve Primary School in Hull will visit the University of Lincoln’s Cottingham Road campus.


“The objective of the visit is to encourage children to think about going to university,” commented John Knowles, who runs the university’s Access to Higher Education project.


The visit will start with a trip around the campus to get a feel of student life, followed by a lesson in counting in Japanese and an opportunity to act out a scene in Macbeth.


“They will get a sense of the scale of a university and what goes on there and it will provide a chance to meet real life students,” added Mr Knowles.


“They will be involved in active learning including mini lecture sessions, working in small groups and presenting their work – so basically everything a student does.”


The University of Lincoln has strong links with the Children’s University with visits from various schools planned each week up to Christmas.


The children will be on campus from 12:30 to 2:30 pm on Monday 5th November Photographers are welcome to attend.


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To find out more about the Children’s University contact 01482 616627.

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