1st November 2001




A visiting lecturer from an Australian university is to give a history talk to students and members of the public next week about ‘Yorkshireness’ and Australia.


As part of an exchange programme Dr Andrew Moore, a senior history lecturer at the University of Western Sydney, will present his research paper ‘Yorkshireness and Australia’ at the University of Lincoln on Wednesday 7th November.


“I have always been interested in the early colonial period and the strong links between the North of England and Australia,” commented Dr Moore.


“The links go back as far as Captain Cook’s time and there were also a connection with the wool and textile industries yet there is no historical research about external migration from Yorkshire to Australia.”


“Yorkshire is an area that I know well after doing research for a book about rugby league and why it became the dominant winter sport in eastern Australia.”


Dr Moore is spending seven weeks in Lincoln as a result of a partnership between the two universities which has developed this year. During his stay he is undertaking research in the Lincolnshire Archives and giving input into history lectures on topics such as urban history in Australia.


“I am enjoying my stay in Lincoln. The university has a real community feel and the students seem keen to learn about Australia,” added Dr Moore.


The talk will take place on Wednesday 7th November at 1pm in seminar room 7 at the Lincoln campus and entry is free of charge. To find out more please contact Andrew Walker on 01522 886254.


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